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How many of you have wanted to see Savannah on reruns and were disappointed when it was never brought back?

Well here is your chance to own this fantastic but short lived series for yourself!!!

This series has never been Officially releases so the dvds you will be getting are ripped from episodes that were transferred from vhs recordings. The video quality is an 8/10.


        Set in the southern city of Savannah, Georgia the series revolves around three female friends: rich girl Reese, noble Lane and scheming bad girl Peyton. Lane McKenzie had left Savannah after graduating from college to become a successful journalist in New York City; she returns for the wedding of her childhood best friend, Reese Burton, who is marrying Travis Peterson. Finding out that her apartment in New York has been robbed, Lane tries to collect on an inheritance — only to find out that Travis has stolen every last penny of it. Reese finds out that Travis has been having an affair with a girl he calls "Bunny" and is devastated; the other woman is secretly Peyton, daughter of the Burton family maid and Reese's friend. Travis is soon found dead, and the first season revolves around the "who dunnit murder mystery and subsequent court case. There is also considerable intrigue surrounding the identity of Peyton's father (who turns out to be Reese's father, Edward, making Peyton and Reese sisters) as well as the machinations of Tom Massick, a stranger in town with a score to settle.


You will receive 12 dvds in total, with 3 episodes on a disk. The two season series aired a total of 34 episodes.

The episodes are as followed. Included in the set is the special series introduction by producer Aaron Spelling.

1.                Wedding Belle Blues - Part 1

2.                Wedding Belle Blues – Part 2

3.                Sex, Pies, and Videotape

4.                Who Killed Travis?

5.                The Purloined Letter

6.                Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

7.                Information, Please

8.                Playing With The Enemy

9.                Prince of Lies

10.            From Here To Paternity

11.            Creep Throat

12.            Truth... Nothing But The Truth

13.            Dead Man Talking

14.            Pearls Before The Swine

15.            The Family Jewels

16.            A Picture Is Worth...

17.            My Fair Ladies

18.            Vengeance Is Mine

19.            It's A Mad, Mad, Boat

20.            Burn, Baby, Burn

21.            Diary Of A Mad Rich Wife

22.            Good Golly, Aunt Lollie

23.            The Battle of Midway

24.            Never Too Late

25.            True Love Never Dies

26.            Get Me To The Church On Time

27.            Dressed To Shill

28.            Every Picture Tells A Story

29.            The Morning After

30.            The Gal To Marry Dear Old Dad

31.            Code Blue

32.            Where There's A Will

33.            Oh No, Mr. Bill

34.            I Don't    


This dvd set will be mailed to you in paper dvd sleeves, however if requested i can put them in jewel cases at an extra cost of $10

(costs include cost of cases, and shipping for the added weight of the cases)

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own the series for yourself!--and maybe even surprise your friends with this great find!