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Here's Brazilian director Fauzi Mansur's sick 1990 slasher / gore rarity Satanic Attraction. Fauzi Mansur is back. And, he brought us a slasher! After a lengthy career in porn, Brazilian smut peddler Fauzi Mansur said goodbye to the film industry with two outrageous jolts of back-to-back sleaze. Barely released by Complete Entertainment in 1990, Satanic Attraction, an immediate follow-up to Mansur's Ritual Of Death, retains the chaos. Luckily, the set of Satanic must've been stocked with Twinkies and cocaine. Progress this focused is impossible to achieve without a little push.Natives dance. A man in a humorously large stuffed animal head performs a satanic ritual. Two siblings have their wrists slashed. Then, naturally, it's 14 YEARS LATER! A killer, who accessorizes with seaweed and skinny knives, is on the loose. Apparently, this man collects the blood of women in order to rejuvenate his zombie-sister, who lives in a coffin. How do I know? Well, a lady DJ runs a "sensational" radio show out of a broom closet, on which she divulges intimate details about the killings as they happen. Shazam! From there, we get fixations on lions and odd knick-knacks, a bar of soap with embedded razor blades, major incest, a supernatural orb, people gorging on fruit immediately after sex, atrocious gore (both fake and at the expense of fish), and a crack team of heroes (irritable cop, tough sailor, pregnant woman in a bikini). Comprehension is optional, but not recommended.At 102 minutes, Satanic Attraction just won't end. Consider that a minor beef. Taking cues from Cemetery Of Terror and Jess Franco's Bloody Moon, this film appropriates American trash-slash ambiance into something wholly unrecognizable. It's creative, nasty, and incomparably weird; similar to the more serious Ritual Of Death, but better proportioned. Because, in addition to the mismatched script, fidgety pace, and dark tone, Satanic is frequently ridiculous. And funny. Dubbed screams from cartoon libraries. A zombie with slow motion voice commands. That fruit eating scene. Plus, there are fake saxophones every five minutes. Always a sign of excellence. (

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