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This is a very old wrestling match dating back to the 1980‘s. It was produced by a company called: CAL Videos, they were based in Santa Monica, California. They usually pitted a straight guy against a gay guy. In this volume, a very muscular brown-haired guy takes on a skinny blonde guy. (I have no idea the names of these two) It is submission-style wrestling where they keep going until one guy submits. The brown-haired guy is pretty much the dominator of the match and puts his smaller opponent through an aresenal of tightly held holds. True to the CAL m.o., the holds are long held and there are plenty of body scissors. Also: bearhugs, surfboards, headlocks, armbars, etc. Not a whole lot of talking, mostly grunting and groaning, but the muscular guy keeps calling the other guy "little man" and challenges him to get out of the holds he applies. He also likes to pose and flex his muscles over his opponent after a submission. The match lasts 51 minutes. Especially hot is at the end when the muscular guy secures the other guy in a body scissors and he does a double biceps pose at the same time! Way hot! (see pic ... ) All images are actual scans from the DVD.