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This is a very old wrestling match dating back to the 1980‘s. It was produced by a company called: CAL Videos, they were based in Santa Monica, California. They usually pitted a straight guy against a gay guy. This volume once again features musclebear Bullet. Bullet weighs in at 230 pounds and in this match he takes on 160-pound Shawn. Bullet is beefy and muscular, and is naturally unshaven. The other guy is a skinny blonde. He doesn't stand a chance! It's a squash job from beginning to end. If you like watching a bigger guy beating up on a smaller guy, this video is for you! Many different holds used: bearhugs, headlocks, armbars, surfboards, etc. But the hold that Bullet seems to enjoy the most is the body scissors. He repeatedly traps Shawn in this hold and locks it on long and tight! He sometimes combines it with a headlock or an armbar. He also gets in a couple of good spine-cracking bearhugs that get the smaller guy completely suspended in the air! This is no-holds-barred submission-type wrestling where one guy keeps the hold on until his opponent submits. Some muscle posing by Bullet as he stands over his fallen opponent. Bullet also likes to verbally taunt the smaller guy throughout the match, and he has a very deep, masculine voice. It‘s a fairly long match, running 55 minutes. Considering the age, the video quality is not bad. It is not grainy, it is just not that clear. All the images included with this description are direct scans from the DVD. There is no sex or nudity. Please note that Bullet is also featured in volumes 1, 3 and 5 of this series. In volume 3, he wrestles naked!