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This is a very old wrestling match dating back to the 1980‘s. It was produced by a company called: CAL Videos, they were based in Santa Monica, California. This DVD features 22-year old Mike Pope. He is a football player and bodybuilder from Seattle. He weighs 220 pounds in this match. (Guy in red trunks) He takes on a slightly older and taller guy. Both of these guys appear to be straight. The match takes place outdoors on a mat. The first half of the match is mostly bearhugs. The producer must really be a bearhug lover because they go from one bearhug to another! They take turns applying bearhugs back-to-belly, belly-to-belly, standing, kneeling, and even while laying flat on the mat! If you are a bearhug lover, you will love this section! The second half, there is wide variety of holds: headlocks, full nelsons, body scissors, head scissors, surfboards, and much more! Especially hot is when Mike has a body scissors on his opponent. You can see his thigh muscles flexing and he likes to look at his opponent’s face as he grimaces in pain! The headscissors is equally hot. You can see Mike’s huge quads expand as he continually tightens the grip on his opponent’s head! Mike also likes to flex his muscles in between falls … Mike also knocks out the other guy with a vice-like sleeper hold. It doesn’t take long to do the trick! And in another part of the match, Mike simply crushes the other guy’s head between his hands as his biceps bulge up like grapefruits! (see 2nd last pic below) Towards the end of the match, both guys are dripping in sweat. There isn’t a whole lot of talking, but what little there is, is very hot as both guys continually taunt each other while applying holds. It‘s a very long match, running 1 hour and 17 minutes. Considering the age, the video quality is exceptionally clear. There is no sex or nudity.