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Here is an opportunity to get all 8 Santa Monica wrestling DVDs together in one set! These DVDs were produced by a company called: CAL Videos, they were based in Santa Monica, California. They usually pitted a straight guy against a gay guy. They used a variety of moves, and the holds were usually long-held. They were originally produced on VHS tape, and later transferred to DVD. Each DVD contains one match. There are 8 volumes in this DVD set. Here is a brief synopsis of each match: Volume 1: 230-pound Muscle bear “Bullet” takes on older, smaller guy David. Volume 2: Two evenly matched lean and muscular guys Volume 3: Same two guys from volume 1 (Bullet vs. David), but this time Bullet wrestles naked! Volume 4: Outdoor wrestling match featuring 22-year old, 220-pound bodybuilder “Mike Pope” against slightly older and taller guy. Volume 5: Muscle bear “Bullet” against smaller guy who is outweighed by 50 pounds! (squash job match) Volume 6: 230-pound Muscle bear “Bullet” against 159-pound “Shawn”. Another squash job by Bullet. Volume 7: A very muscular brown-haired guy takes on a skinny blonde guy. Volume 8: Two evenly matched lean and muscular guys. One of them is the same guy from volume 2 For detailed descriptions of each individual match, see my other listings. These DVDs may also be purchased separately in the other auction listings. I have included 2 images from each match to show the kind of action you will receive. Please contact me should you have any questions. Note: all images shown are actual scans from the video