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Despite its title, Samurai Showdown is actually a series based on an SNK video game that was re-edited into this longer format. During a rebellion against the Shogun, six "Holy Warriors" were betrayed by their seventh comrade, Schiro, who became Amakusa, the servant of an evil god. One hundred years later, five of the warriors--Charlotte, Wan Fu, Nakoruru, Galford, and Tam Tam--have been reborn and become aware of their identities. They`re searching for the sixth warrior, who turns out to be the good-natured galoot Haohmaru. Amakusa`s forces destroy his home village, causing Haohmaru to awaken to his destiny. The reunited Warriors join the people`s revolt against the Shoguns, who have become puppets of Amakusa. Dialogue : Japanese/English Subtitle : English/Off Region : All Region, Free Code Running Time : Approximately 72 mins