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Cosmic Health

Phisical Training Imitator

Respiration Training Device
(Health Without Medication)
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It goes without saying that nowadays there is a great variety of discoveries and achievements of all kinds.

It is just as obvious as the fact that we often get confused among all this diversity of the novelties, which can

cure all possible diseases, as advertisements say.

This is the way we live: we want to believe that all our illnesses have already been conquered by doctors and

scientists and that there is some kind of panacea for all diseases. Quite often unfortunately we have to pay for

such a confidence: the amazing miracle that was promised in advertisements never takes place. And having spent

heaps of money and besides having lost the belief in recovery, we desperately put on a heavy armor of total


It is this armor that doesn't let us see, hear or try something what can really bring healing. And it also can

cure possibly not all the diseases but many of them, and may be the one you personally suffer from as well.
Dear friends!
Do not deprive yourselves of a chance. Look through the information below before you flatly sign a sick-list for

Every one of us knows what chronic disease is. It is something that our medicine is unable to resist.

Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of such diseases wait for a person at mature age – when many of us lack

for strength and optimism.
Coronary heart disease, hypertension, asthma, insomnia, allergy, diabetes, migraine, arthritis, - we have already

submitted to the fact that all the abovementioned illnesses accompany us throughout our life.
Persuading yourself to stand the pain, taking a pill or two of anesthetic, lying on a couch and waiting for the

pain to abate – how often did you find yourself in such situations?
And what if try to change everything?
Special respiratory system “Samozdrav” helps to recover normal vascular conduction during 5-6 months. It is the

ideal remedy for treatment for heart diseases and hypertension. A simple respiratory procedure takes about 20

minutes per day.
Another, obviously great advantage of the system is that the use of the device is absolutely safe for your

health. The process of training itself doesn't require any medical supervision.
“Samozdrav” is a space-saving complex that includes two devices: capnometer (measuring device) and capnicator

(training apparatus).
The respiratory system “Samozdrav” is based on the method of physiological training of the organism in the whole.
Medical checkups of the people who used this method showed fantastic results: organisms of 50-60-year-old people

start functioning as that of 25-year-old people!
In Russia more than 400000 people have already undergone a course of medical treatment using this system.
“Settle” health in your house, dear friends!
Such a burden is much more pleasant that any illness!
Asthma, insomnia, allergy, diabetes, migraine, arthritis, hypertension, coronary heart disease… these and many

other illnesses often arise in middle age. Medicine appears powerless to struggle with them – that is why they

are called chronic diseases. But why do these diseases occur? The thing is that starting from the age of 25 minor

vessels are gradually squeezing as a result of stress and hypodynamia. This leads to low supply of tissues and in

the upshot to chronic diseases. And at the same time
a person as a rule suffers from increased blood pressure – hypertension.

One should never consider these illnesses as an unpleasant but endurable condition. The most probable outcome for

a person suffering from hypertension is either a stroke or a myocardial infarction.

Are these illnesses really incurable? Surely not! Special physical training or yoga will obviously help. But it

can take a lot of time and not everyone can afford it.

The special respiratory device – Samozdrav helps to restore normal vascular conduction in 5-6 months with a

considerable reduction of costs. This is an ideal way of hypertension treatment. A simple breathing procedure

will take about 20 minutes a day and it won't bring any negative emotions or feelings.

Samozdrav will put breathing in order, as well as the level of CO2 in blood. It is achieved by reset of body

sensibility to CO2 in blood, in other words, the device creates a corrective shift of the respiratory center (see

section “Breathing Physiology”). It is achieved in the process of daily training.

From the physiological point of view the influence of Samozdrav is lies in forced temporary increase of CO2

amount in blood. Samozdrav is a complex, consisting of two devices: capnometer (measuring device) and capnicator

(training apparatus).

Capnometer is a device for measuring respiratory rate. The construction of it is pretty simple – it is a plastic

bag with a valve. The whole capacity of the bag is 13 liters. To measure the respiratory rate one should puff up

the bag with air at normal breathing pace. While the bag is filled (it takes about 1-4 minutes) with the help of

the scale the respiratory rate and the amount of CO2 in blood (norm is 6,5%) is determined. Attention! If the bag

is full in less than 1 minute, your life is in danger!

As a rule respiratory level (rate) is half or twice as little after 5 month of training.

Capnicator (Patent of Russia N 21737334, 27.12.2001) consists of three containers. The smallest is situated in a

bigger one, which is placed in the largest container. Together they form a mixing chamber in which fresh air is

added to the expired air in required proportion (the expired air contains about 5% of CO2, while the outer air

contains 0,03% of CO2).

It is significant that it is not just a mixture of outer and expired air that is created in the capnicator (what

doesn't produce required effect) but a composition of heterogeneous layers. The size of the device can be

compared to that of a container of two-liter capacity.

The process of training consists of four stages, each of them lasting one month. During first 4-6 weeks of

training stable decrease of blood pressure is observed. The reset of the capnicator after each stage is carried

out with a fixed-degree turn of the inner container. The maintenance manual contains the full description of the


The changes of the physiological figures of the people who have undergone a full course of training are

illustrated in the table given below.

Physiological examinations of healthy people and of people with chronic diseases show that the latter have one
characteristic feature – low concentration of CO2 in blood as a result of increased respiratory rate – Chronic

Hyperventilation Syndrome. As it is stated in the section “Breathing Physiology”, low concentration of CO2 in

blood results in microvessel (arterioles) spasm and metabolic disorders. Let's consider possible consequences.

Narrowing of the brain microvessels is a cause of deficient blood supply of the brain. From this occur such

diseases as dizziness, insomnia, migraine, short memory. All these symptoms in the long run will result in a


Narrowed heart microvessels serve as a cause of different heart diseases, as the cells of the cardiac muscle

(myocardium) and coronary artery do not get vital oxygen supply. In the majority of cases this is the cause of an


What concerns asthma, the reason of the illness is the same. Bronchioles of an asthmatic are predisposed to

shrink active when the respiratory rate is higher than that of a healthy person.

Pressing of microvessels leads to increased peripheral resistance of the vascular system. Because of this the

pressure gets higher and heart loading increases what provokes heartaches. Under such conditions an accidental

stress can easily evoke a stroke or an infarction.

Low level of CO2 results in deranged acid-base balance of tissues. It can cause such diseases as atherosclerosis,

arthritis, mineral scurf in internal organs.

What can be said about medicines that are used for treatment of chronic diseases? Their main defect is that they

provide only temporary relief. And they also may have some side effects. People get used to them and have to

change medicines from time to time. The worst of all is that none of contemporary medicines can affect the source

of a chronic disease.

The respiratory device that is called Samozdrav uses the method of physiological training of organism as a whole.

Medical examinations of the people, who have used this method, showed fantastic results: organisms of

50-60-year-old people start functioning almost as that of 25-year-old people.

In Russia more than 400000 people have already undergone a course of medical treatment using this system.

Samozdrav doesn't belong to the category of medical equipment. It is not meant for treatment of one certain

disease. It produces physiological, but not chemical effect. No special medical prescription is required to start

using the device.
During the process of 20-minute breathing through the device the level (concentration) of carbon dioxide in

blood increases. The Respiratory Center (RC) has to adapt to the increased level of CO2, in other words training

of respiratory center takes place. In the course of several months RC automatically readapts to the normal level

of CO2 in blood (6,5%). During these months gradual lowering of respiratory rate is observed. Such a change

results in improvement of cell metabolism, reduction of unstriated muscle (blood vessels, bronchial tubes, etc.)

spasm (hypertension). Examination of those, who took a complete course of respiratory training, showed reduction

(and sometimes even complete absence) of symptoms of asthma, stenocardia, arrhythmia, reduction of blood

pressure, reduction of excess weight.


If you have bought the complex you should carefully study its certificate, in which the stages of the

capnicator's installation are described with illustrations and where the instructions on how to use both

capnicator and capnometer are given. As the instructions are simple enough and rather small there could hardly

occur any comprehension problems.

The first very important practical operation with the complex is measuring the CO2 content in arterial blood in

the state of rest with the help of capnometer.

The measuring procedure consists in the determination of the time of filling the measuring chamber of the device

with expired air in the state of rest. The instruction contains a table that will help you define your

respiration intensity (liter per minute) and the content of CO2 in your arterial blood (%). The latter factor is

determined according to its dependence on the respiratory intensity, what is well-known from physiology. For

example, the majority of people at the age of 50-60 usually fill in the measuring chamber in 1-2 minutes. If

you've filled the chamber with expired air in, let's suppose, 1 minute and 20 seconds, you'll find an appropriate

line in the table saying that your blood contains 4% of CO2 in the state of rest. But what does it mean? Taking

into consideration the fact that every 1% of departure from the norm (6,5%) leads to narrowing of the gap of

brain microvessels for 20-25%, in your case the gap between the arteriole that supply vital organs with blood is

about 70% of the norm.

The degree of the blood supply decrease of the vital organs is determined with the help of the diagram that can

be found in the instructions.

What you have to do is just to write down the date of the first measuring into appropriate line of the table and

start restoring normal gap between your microvessels.

That will take place in several months as a result of daily respiratory exercises with capnicator. The main

factor favorably influencing the organism is content of CO2 in the air blend created by the capnicator, increased

in comparison with the atmosphere. It is a well-know fact that in the atmospheric air there is about 0,03% of

CO2, while in our expired air there is 4,5% of CO2, what is 150 times as much as in the atmosphere. The

capnicator creates air blend, mixing expired and atmospheric air. That is why in the blend there is more CO2 than

in the atmosphere and less than in expired air. This ratio is regulated by the capacity of the working chamber of

the device. After several months of using the capnicator the capacity of the chamber rises from 0,5 liter to 1,5


At the first stage the container of 0,5 liter capacity (just a glass) creates air blend that contains about 0,3%

CO2. In a month when the first stage ends a measuring procedure takes place that illustrates the changes in your

organism characteristics. The time of filling the chamber increased to 1 minute and 50 seconds and, according to

the table, the content of CO2 in your blood rose to 4,6% and the microvessels gap increased for 10%.

Even this is sometimes enough to feel the positive changes in your body. Your task now is to write down the date

of measurement and go on to the next stage.

The second stage of breathing the air with 1,0% of CO2 and with container of 0,7 liter capacity will increase the

time of filling the capnometer chamber to, for example, 2 minutes and 10 seconds and the CO2 content in your

blood will rise to 5,0%. All this will lead to widening of the microvessels gap for 10-15% and will lead to

partial disappearance of symptoms of some chronic diseases. Don't forget to write down the date of the


The third stage consists in one month of breathing through 1 liter container that creates 1,5% of CO2 in the

inspired through the capnicator air. This leads to further improvement of the blood flow and changes the


The fourth stage will let you feel much more positive feelings. The container of the capnicator with the capacity

of 1,5 liter creates air blend with 2,0% of CO2. Just in one month the measured parameters will approach the

normal ones. For example the time of filling the chamber will be 3 minutes and the concentration of CO2 – 6%. The

microvessels gap will be almost normal.

Having finished the course described above, regardless of the values of your measurements, it is advisable to

carry on daily sessions with the container that was used at the last stage. Continuing the exercises you will

stimulate further positive changes in your organism.

The practice of using the Samozdrav complex shows that some people who have been using the complex, observe only

few of the abovementioned changes or even none of them at all, in spite of their precise fulfillment of the

instructions. Such cases are not numerous, less than 10%. Having analyzed the cases we've formulated main causes

of the absence of expected results of the complex use.

1. Presence of organic (irreversible) changes in the organism that become insuperable obstacles for return

rearrangement of the “deregulated” organism regulators. For example, changes in the kidneys that originate

secondary arterial hypertension. Such kind of obstacles for restoration of the organism's normal work is typical

for elderly people.

2. Instable nervous system. Constant or regular overexcitation of the nervous system is often accompanied by

surplus adrenalin release that leads to narrowing of the arteriole.

The maximal arteriole widening following exercises with the complex, comes to naught after their narrowing as a

result of an adrenalin release throughout the day. But even in such cases the use of the complex is wholesome.

This creates a kind of barrier for further worsening of the organism state.

One brief respiratory exercise a day is enough for lowering your respiratory intensity in the state of rest to

the normal level after several months.
The kit includes:
Respiration Training Device
Detailed manual in (English, Russian,) languages
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