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Sam Spade on one Mp3 CD.  Contains 69 episodes.

This disc will not play in regular CD players.  Your player must be able to play Mp3 format.  This disc is ready to upload onto your portable Mp3 device, play in your Mp3 compatible car stereo, or wherever you play your Mp3's. 

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Show Episodes

The Adam Figg Caper 23:52
The Apple Of Eve Caper 26:59
The Bail Bond Caper 29:37
The Battles Of Belvedere 24:51
The Betrayal In Bumpass Hell Caper 24:36
The Biddle Riddle Caper 28:00
The Bluebeard Caper 28:56
The Bouncing Betty Caper 24:46
The Bow Window Caper 28:42
The Calcutta Trunk Caper 24:39
The Caper Over My Dead Body 28:58
The Champion Caper 27:06
The Chateau McCloud Caper 28:25
The Cheesecake Caper 24:41
The Civic Pride Caper 28:59
The Cloak & Dagger Caper 28:08
The Convertible Caper 23:20
The Crab Louis Caper 28:37
The Critical Author Caper 29:10
The Death Bed Caper 29:31
The Denny Shane Caper 29:02
The Dick Foley Caper 29:06
The Dog Bed Caper 28:01
The Dry Gulch Caper 28:04
The Dry Martini Caper 28:53
Edith Hamilton 24:40
The Fairly-Bright Caper 28:49
The Farmer's Daughter Caper 27:35
The Flopsy Mopsy Cottontail Caper 29:43
The Gold Key Caper 22:45
The Hail & Farewell Caper 29:00
The Honest Thief Caper (rehearsal) 23:58
The Hot 100 Grand Caper 28:34
The House In Cypress Canyon 26:41
The Indian Caper 27:31
The Insomnia Caper 26:51
The Kandi Tooth 1:01:03
The Kimberley Cross Caper 28:53
The Lawless Caper 29:55
The Lazarus Caper 28:40
The Love Letter Caper 24:13
The Mad Scientist Caper 28:40
The Maltese Falcon 57:39
The Missing Newshawk Caper 30:02
The One Hour Caper 23:00
The Overjord Caper 29:08
The Prodigal Daughter Caper 27:17
The Prodigal Panda Caper 29:25
The Quarter-Eagle Caper 24:45
The Queen Bee Caper 27:50
The Red Amapola Caper (rehearsal) 23:23
The Red Star Caper 28:01
The Rowdy Dowser Caper 29:39
The Rushlight Diamond Caper 28:50
The Shot In The Dark Caper 28:30
The Sinister Siren Caper 27:40
The Soap Opera Caper 28:38
The Spanish Prisoner Caper 28:35
The SQP Caper 24:20
The Stopped Watch Caper 27:54
The String Of Death Caper 28:21
The Sugar Kane Caper 29:56
The Sure Thing Caper 28:39
The Tears Of Night Caper 27:15
The Terrified Turkey Caper 28:17
The Vaphio Cup Caper 28:51
The Vendetta Caper 29:07
The Wheel Of Life Caper 28:43
The 25-12345679 Caper 28:15

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