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Starring: Andy Griffith, Joel Higgins, Trish Stewart, J.
Jay Saunders and Richard Jaeckel
Harry Broderick was TV's first adventurer in search of junk.
His Jettison Crap and Salvage Company, headquartered in Southern
California, specialized in such exotic missions as retrieving old
B-52s from a jungle, oil from dried-out oil wells, diamonds from an
active volcano and icebergs from the polar ice cap (which he could
steer to a drought-stricken island). His most spectacular forays
were into outer space, however, using a Vulture rocket to lasso
abandoned, gold-encased satellites and recover scientific "junk" on
the moon. Harry's young partners were Skip, a former astronaut and
Melanie, a fuel expert.
Overall Set Quality (scale of 1-10): 7
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Up, Up and Away
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Diamond Volcano
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