Item Description

Sailor Moon is about an ordinary, klutzy, crybaby, 14 year old junior high school girl who receives a special quest from a talking cat named Luna to fight evil and find someone called the "Moon Princess". She accomplishes all this by transforming into the sailor suited "pretty soldier" Sailor Moon. Over time, she discovers other Sailor Scouts/Senshi and another cat Artemis who join her as a team. She also runs into this cute guy named Mamoru/Darien and this caped hero Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask. Coincidentally enough, they happen to be one and the same. Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask reappears constantly to save the Sailor Senshi/Scouts from the generals of the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse who, at first, begin stealing life energy out of people, then attempt to acquire the ginzuishou/Imperium Silver Crystal. Then Sailor Moon learns about the Silver Millenium/Moon Kingdom. The Moon Kingdom was what existed a thousand years ago when the universe was at peace. It was ruled by Queen Serenity, until the evil forces from the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse decided to try and take over. Queen Serenity was able to repel the invasion, but only by sacrificing herself and sending all of her court and the ginzuishou/Imperium Silver Crystal to the future on Earth. Now, all this ties into the plot because Sailor Moon a.k.a. Usagi/Serena just *happens* to be a reincarnation of the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity/Princess Serena in addition to just being Sailor Moon. It also turns out that the Sailor Senshi/Scouts are reincarnations of the guardians of the Moon Kingdom, and that Mamoru/Darien is a reincarnation of Prince Endymion/Prince Darien, who was to marry Princess Serenity/Princess Serena. This adds a bit of romance to the series, but in the end, the Sailor Senshi/Scouts and Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask are able to use the ginzuishou/Imperium Silver Crystal to *annhilate* the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse, but at the cost of their own lives.

Language: Uncut Japanese
Subtitles:  English (on/off)
Number of Discs:  4
Episodes:  1-46