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Running Cool (1993)--After 25 years of making exploitation movies Ferd and Beverly Sebastian ("Gator Bait") end their filmmaking careers with this fun good 'ol boy biker film. The bikers, headed by Andrew Divoff and James Gammon, are the good guys who go up against violent rednecks lead by Paul "Breakfast Club" Gleason. Also with Deedee Pfieffer, Tracy Sebastian, 100s of bikers and a wet T-shirt contest. DVD-R is very good quality and comes with full-sleeve color artwork front and back, traditional DVD case and is Region 0 (will play on any DVD player). Feel free to ask for DVD-R in paper sleeve for a cheaper rate. Shipping is 2.95 plus .50 for each additional DVD-R ordered to same address. International shipping is $4.95 plus $1.00 for additional DVD-R ordered to same address.