Item Description
RROD Repair Kit 360 XBOX Thermal Paste Heatsink
XBOX 360 X-Clamp
Replacement Repair Kit
Are you
experiencing the dreaded "3 Red Light Error" that is a result of
your XBOX 360 overheating?
Now you can fix
this problem yourself with one of our Xbox 360 X-Clamp repair
Top quality
hardware + thermal paste + CPU cleaner + instructions + repair
No drilling
You will have
access to the most complete instruction guides on the
internet.  Personally authored and very easy to
Our detailed
instructions will show you how to easily open up your XBOX 360 and
fix the dreaded "3 red light of death"
You will receive
enough hardware to fix BOTH core processors (CPU and GPU)!
Buy it Now and
you will receive the following:
8 exact fit
16 exact fit
nylon washers
16 exact fit
steel/zinc plated washers
Premium CPU
cleaner kit
Access to our
FREE Xbox 360 Repair forum!
Access to our
FREE instruction guides!
Our premium CPU/GPU cleaner kit contains a
higher purity of the same citrus solvent that is used by Arctic
Silver in their ArctiClean 1 cleaner.  It is all
natural, non-toxic, and smells great! It is tough enough to
instantly melt thermal pads, polyurethane, baked on rubber,
varnish, oils, and greases.  Simply apply a couple drops
of the cleaner with our easy to use plastic pipette dispenser
(included), wait 40-60 seconds and wipe clean with a paper
towel.  Repeat if necessary and finish the surface
preparation with one of the provided alcohol wipes.
Please note: In
addition to the parts listed above, you will also need the
following parts to complete this repair:
Xbox 360 case opening tool
T8 and T10 torx screwdrivers
If you don't already have the
opening tool and torx screwdrivers, please see our other
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shipped everyday Monday - Saturday!
Every order is
shipped in it's own 2x3 ziplock baggie and padded bubble mailer to
ensure safe delivery!
Please allow 3-5 business days for domestic orders
to arrive.  All domestic orders include delivery
Please allow 10-12 business days for International
orders to arrive. No tracking or delivery confirmation is available
with USPS First Class International orders.
All repairs are
done at your own risk.  We take no responsibility for
your repair skills, any lack of results, or any damage to your XBOX
360.  Thanks.