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Royal Electress Typewriter Ribbons

Replacement Royal Electress Spool Type Ribbons

Royal Typewriter Ribbons

This Typewriter Ribbon is has a Spool Diameter that is EXACTLY 2 and 3/8th inches and the ribbon is 1/2 in width.  If you do not know how to measure the Spool diameter please give us a call.

Description: Nu-Kote B66  Black Nylon Typewriter Ribbon

We are the Typewriter Experts   Always in stock.
This Typewriter Ribbon is designed to work with all of the following Royal Typewriters and Silver Reed Tyewriters:

Compatible with the following Typewriters:
Royal 440 â— Royal 470 â— Royal 550 â— Royal 560 â— Royal Brittania â— Royal Electress â— Royal Electric â— Royal Emperor â— Royal Empress â— Royal Maxim 10 â— Royal Princess â— Royal Regal â— Royal Standard â— Royal Standard 550 â— Halda 5 â— Halda 6 â— Halda 7 â— Imperial 300 Portable â— Imperial 660 â— Oliver 19 â— Oliver 20 â— Oliver 21    

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This eBay item is a Buy-It-Now item; orders are for a single package of Ribbons.  The pictures are of the actual product you will receive.

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