Item Description
One of the most difficult to find
films starring Christina Lindberg. This is Lindberg's 2nd feature
after 'Maid in Sweden'. Fully uncut in original Swedish language.
Presented wide screen.
A twisted tale about a VERY
dysfunctional Swedish family living on an idyllic lake. The
not-particularly-attractive mother is a prostitute who services the
men who show up in boats or hydroplanes out in the family
boathouse. The oafish father meanwhile serves drinks to his wife's
"guests". The wife seems to be trying to introduce the teenage
daughter (Lindberg) to the family business by letting her clients
photograph her naked or leer at her as she sunbathes topless. Then
the daughter falls in love with a boy her age, and the wife, her
plans evidently threatened, plots to get rid of the guy. This in
turn leads the daughter to take revenge, and the long-suffering
husband meanwhile has his own sinister plans. There are some ironic
twists, and by the end of the film the English title "Dog Days"
will make perfect sense as the family's dog becomes the most
significant remaining character.
I don't think this movie is supposed
to be a comedy, but it's hard to tell. It's a little serious for an
exploitation film, but also a little exploitative for a serious
film. One of Christina Lindberg's first films.
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