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Beautiful Rose Quartz, loose beads for making Jewelry. These are 8 mm stones and the strand is 15-16 inches in length.

*REMEMBER - with each purchase you will also receive ONE/FREE Charm bead. I will give you one to compliment the one you are buying. The only ones that do not come as "Free" are the danglers [because these are already 2 beads] but also anything in the Elite Collections. If you buy something from the Elite Collection you will receive a FREE Charm bead. If you are an International country...I will usually give you more than one for FREE. I want to build my customer base.
*INTERNATIONAL OFFERS: please be reasonable with an offer. Postal rates keep going up, so I do not even post them anymore. I try and keep my prices as LOW as I can to cover the cost to buy the Inventory, pay for my fees to Sell here, my fees to PayPal when I sell to YOU, my fees to the Shipping company for postage, the monies I spend on supplies to package it all in. Please think about this before you make an offer that is lower than what I can replace this item for. Often I get offers that are NOT within reason. Most people know what it would cost to buy the item they are interested in. Be kind and thoughtful. We ALL would like to have something for just about nothing....Even me. Thank YOU for your Patronage.