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Title : Romeo X Juliet

Language : English

Subtitle : English - For Sign/Song/Title only (on/off)

Episode : 1-24 complete

Format : DVD
NOTE DVDs playable on all DVD players, PS2, computer DVD drives.

Plot Summary :
On a tragic night in Neo Verona, the Capulet family is murdered by Montague and the country is seized. The only Capulet survivor is the child Juliet, who is rescued by loyal knights. Fourteen years later, people in Neo Verona live in poverty and fear. Juliet has spent her life in hiding, and in disguise as the male Red Whirlwind, secretly fighting Neo Verona's oppression. On one of her secret adventures, she is helped by Romeo and falls in love. Finally, on one fateful day, Juliet's family reveals her heritage and their desire for her to reclaim her title and rescue Neo Verona from tyranny. Meanwhile, Juliet also discovers that Romeo is the son of her worst enemy. Can Juliet rescue Neo Verona and kill the father of the man she loves?

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