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The Rolling Stones Madison Square Garden New York City, NY, USA Saturday Jan. 18, 2003 The HBO TV broadcast show  The set list: Street Fighting Man Start Me Up If You Can't Rock Me Don't Stop Monkey Man Angie Let It Bleed Midnight Rambler Tumbling Dice --- Introductions Thru And Thru (Keith) Happy (Keith) Gimme Shelter You Got Me Rocking Can't You Hear Me Knocking Honky Tonk Women (with Sheryl Crow) Satisfaction It's Only Rock'n Roll (B-stage) When The Whip Comes Down (B-stage) Brown Sugar (B-stage) Sympathy For The Devil (encore) Jumping Jack Flash (encore) Show time 9:00 - 11:20    Review by Chris Tresper After seeing them on Thursday at MSG (16/01) we knew that we were going to see an awesome show on Saturday too (18/01). The band was tight and the setlist, even though there were no real treats or surprises was good. Plus you don't get to see Hubert Sumlin doing Let It Bleed with the boys every day. Charlie, Joe and I were informed in advance that the HBO setlist would be similiar to Thursday's show but still we were pumped and expecting a few surprises. And surprises we did get. I won't go into the setlist here because Bjornulf is going to post it anyway, so here's just a few observations: Jagger was in a funny mood tonight and even though everything was obviously contrived I liked his jokes a lot. After the first few songs he said something along the lines of "Why did you all dress you think you're on TV or something?!"...."This is not the Sopranos here, not Six Feet Under either but it's Sex In The City tonight". The band looked and sounded really great, which got me thinking...maybe they should do more TV broadcasts.... that way every concert would be top notch. They did another Let It Bleed set, again without Love In Vain and this time they even dropped Live With Me. Monkey Man was was Midnight Rambler...the overall energy level was just incredible. New York City loves the Stones and the Stones love New York. We got a beautiful version of Angie, giving me the goosebumps and bringing a few tears to my eyes, yes I still love this song, believe it or not. Sheryl Crow came up on stage to do Honky Tonk Women with them and it was pleasure to see her. First off I love her voice and secondly she is quite the hottie. Can't believe she's 40 or something. Mick was all over her during the whole song and hell I can't blame him, if I was almost 60 I'd do the same thing:) They seemed to have a great time on stage, so did we in the audience. After the song she kissed Mick, Keith and Ronnie and left the stage again. Even Satisfaction sounded great tonight, this song never gets boring because it is a real crowdpleaser. The B Stage sound was a bit muffled but still enjoyable. They did IORR, When The Whip Comes Down & Brown Sugar on there, then back for two encores on the main stage, Sympathy and JJF, which both rocked hard. I left the show with a big smile on my face, knowing that this would be the last show for almost 5 months. See you all in Munich !!! P.S During the show Jagger said "I read in the papers today... this will probably be the last Stones show at Madison Square Garden..... I don't think so"   Region Free NTSC Format PC Friendly Case Box with Cover Artwork Discs Labeled        $ 10 to USA,   $ 10 to Others Countries.    Payment Method:    PAYPAL & CREDIT CARDS BUYER WILL RECEIVE SECURE CHECKOUT LINK TO PAY WITH PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS.