Item Description
This album cover was hand signed in person by Charlie Watts
of The Rolling Stones. This autographed lp is without question one
of the most elegant and breathtaking pieces we are offering. This
is an authentic in person autographed album cover custom framed and
double matted using white and gold acid free mats so that this
priceless piece of rare memorabilia will not only display
wonderfully but will also last. For the frame, you have your choice
of an elaborate gold frame as shown, or we have black which we can
transfer this into. Whichever you prefer, you will be adding a
stunning piece of music memorabilia that will display impeccably in
any room, on any wall, at any location. The overall size of this
signed piece is nearly 20 x 25 . It's certainly one that will stand
out among the rest and will be shipped in a manner to ensure a safe
arrival. A Certificate Of Authenticity will also be included from
Autograph Pros, UACC Registered Dealer #237 which is accompanied by
a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. In addition to our own
certification this item has since listed been examined and
certified authentic by PSA/DNA and now also features their tamper
resistant PSA/DNA sticker with unique # which can be looked up on
their website for confirmation. The PSA/DNA # is: K35676 PSA/DNA is
the world's leading third party autograph authenticator. This item
has undergone their full thorough examination and was deemed hand
signed and authentic. It was then marked with a dna strand,
invisible to the naked eye but can be viewed using a specially
calibrated infrared laser. Their authentication firm includes life
long experience, a nationally recognized reputation, the largest
exemplar file in the hobby and formal training in the field of
Forensic Document Examination combine to offer the most reliable
service to identify autograph legitimacy. The Letters of
Authenticity that are generated are guaranteed to be accepted by
any major auction house . Clientele include most national auction
houses (Christie's, Grey Flannel, Hunt Auctions, etc), dealers,
collectors and investors nationwide. Their certification definitely
adds great value to this autographed item. Simply put, having
documentation from a UACC Registered Dealer and also from PSA/DNA
puts this item in the most elite and sought after collectible
category available.
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