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          ROLAND ED SC-8850   SOUND CANVAS  

     WORKSTATION 100V-240V Universal Power

  Used - Excellent Condition, Software Bundle & Manual incl. (CD)

     Most powerful of the sound canvases Module with 1640 tones, 128 voices, 64 parts & 64  effects
Tone generation comprising up to four voices per tone
Up to 128 polyphonic sounds and 64 parts
1,640 tones and 63 drum sets
Large-sized LCD with 160 x 64 dots, and rotary encoder
Phrase preview function provided
CD provided with English Manual, MIDI drivers, song demonstrations, and more
Roland SC-8850 Support Documents:
SC-8850 Owner's Manual
MIDI Basics

Drivers and Utilities (ZIP files with instructions included).

SC-8850 USB Driver Ver.2.0.0 for Windows XP / Windows 2000
SC-8850 USB Driver Ver.1.0.0 for Windows XP x64 Edition
SC-8850 USB Driver for Windows 98 / Windows Me
SC-8850 USB Driver Ver.1.3.0 for Mac OS X
Roland Serial MIDI Driver Ver.3.2 for Windows XP / Windows 2000
Clean All uninstallation tool for Windows XP/2000

Ground Breaking new MIDI sound module, the world's first musical instrument to offer a USB connection to MAC's and PC's.

Larger Performances! Now with 64 part MIDI capability and an incredible 128 note polyphony (notes capable simultaneous) you have all the head-room you need to produce giant orchestral scores or create complex personal sounds by layering many parts together. And, with over 1600 sounds to choose from and 63 complete rhythm/drum sets you have a tonal selection unmatched in a desktop media production environment.

NEW Natural Piano and String Sounds! Stereo sampled piano and string sounds comprised of four separate voices produce all the natural and majestic feeling of the real instruments. New Natural Playing Technique Patches! Included in the SC-8850 are dozens of new patches designed to augment natural instrument sounds. These include guitar and bass fret, slide and mute noises and horn/woodwind breath and click noises for a more natural sounding performance.

Enhanced Drumsets! In addition to adding many new standard, ethnic and dance drumsets, Roland has enhanced their already renowned acoustic sets with more powerful, expressive samples. Expanded Sound FX library! Dozens of new sound FX have been added for enhancing "sound scene" performances and video productions.

Natural Vocal Sounds! The SC-8850 includes the highly acclaimed "Jazz Scat" patch from the KR and FP series keyboards plus many new variations of vocal choirs, humming, and voice "Oohs and Lahs". New Ethnic Sounds! The SC-8850 has added Indian, Indonesian, and Celtic sounds to the Sound Canvas's already extensive collection of ethnic instruments including Uillean pipe, Jegogan, Jublag, Dholak and Kajar for even more compositional versatility.

Cross-platform USB Connectivity! In addition to the traditional Sound Canvas PC and Mac serial port connection for older PC/Mac computers, the SC-8850 is the first sound module with direct USB connection for new PC, Apple iMac, and Blue & White Macintosh G3 computers.

Built-in MIDI Interface! USB and Serial connections give you full control of all 64 internal parts and access to the SC-8850's built-in two port MIDI interface for a total of 96 parts. The external interface allows you to daisy-chain the SC-8850 with other Sound Modules and achieve independent control without an extra MIDI interface.

Easier sound-selection! Large, back-lit LCD (160x64 resolution). Rotary control for easy scrolling through sounds. Large icons for quick recognition of instruments, drums and sfx. Redesigned menus provide quick access to sound editing features.

More Powerful Control! Sound editing controls have been simplified with dedicated real-time controllers for filters (cutoff and resonance) and envelope editing.

Includes Powerful Software! The SC-8850 includes the Roland GS Advanced editing software for both Mac and PC, allowing you full control over all of the SC-8850's incredible effects and sound editing parameters. Includes full Sysex (.syx) and MIDI (.mid) export for use with any sequencing software. Also, included is the new GS Picture Book to educate and help you get started working with over 100 different musical instruments.

Enhanced Sounds! Many sounds, including a large percentage of the General MIDI and GS sound sets, have been augmented for more expression and realism. Many orchestra, brass, bass, synth and guitar sounds are now more life-like than ever.

The First GM Level 2 Synth! In addition to supporting the industry-standard General MIDI and Roland GS compatibility standards, the SC-8850 also support the new General MIDI Level 2 specification for forward compatibility with new software and MIDI data.


  • Tone generation comprising up to four voices per tone
  • Up to 128 polyphonic sounds and 64 parts
  • 1,640 tones and 63 drum sets
  • Large-sized LCD with 160 x 64 dots, and rotary encoder
  • Phrase preview function provided
  • Hybrid CD provided as an accessory, including "GS Advanced Editor", "GS Picture Book", MIDI drivers, song demonstrations, and more

System Requirements:

  • OS : Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000 Professional
  • Computer : Windows 98/Me/2000 Professional compatible computer with a USB connector conforming to USB specifications Ver.1.1
  • CPU : MMX Pentium processor 166 MHz or higher
  • Memory (RAM) : 32MB or more
  • OS : MacOS 8.5 or later
  • Computer : Apple Macintosh Series having USB port as the standard application
  • CPU : PowerPC G3 233 MHz or higher
  • Memory (RAM) : 64 MB or more
Excellent Working  Condition - !
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