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This is kind of an interesting video in a homoerotic kind of way. A NYPD cop (played by bodybuilder Rob Rossi) goes to the home of a man who has accumulated many unpaid parking tickets. After knocking on the door, he confronts the impeccably well-dressed man (who looks strikingly similiar to Matthew Perry from the show "Friends") about the tickets. The guy even comments: "Do you normally go to someone's house because of parking tickets?" After a brief interview, the cop tells the guy he is under arrest. He spins him around and pats him down right there in his apartment. The guy keeps asking "Is this really necessary?". He is then handcuffed by the bodybuilder cop. A little desperate, and not sure what is happening, he says: "I can't be arrested right now, I have to go to work"! If only it were that easy ... The cop then sits him down and interrogates him some more, acting all arrogant the way cops are. He then lights up a cigarette in the guy's apartment! To which the guy says: "I don't normally allow people to smoke in my house". The cop then starts to take a bunch of his personal possessions! Its kind of a strange encounter and the cop is acting somewhat erratic. I won't tell you the outcome, but you will surprised how it ends! This is a short story, running about 25 minutes. DVD does NOT contain sex or nudity. Shipping charge is $4.95 for US locations for any number of videos. Non-USA locations is $8 for 1 DVD, and $10 for any number two or more.