Item Description

Hello OLTL Fans,                         

This item contains a set of 2 wonderfully edited and created DVD's from the 1994 Todd Manning’s Pardon from Statesville Prison leading into the Llanview Hospital Serial Rapist storyline. The collage above has a picture of the DVD's and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD's.

Scenes in DVD 1 (Length 2hrs 37min.):  

Todd is given his pardon. Marty, Bo, Nora and Hank are at Marty’s house talking about Todd and the pardon. Marty & Nora are both shocked when they see Todd at the hospital. Todd is released from Prison. Todd goes to see Rebecca and she’s surprised to see him at her door. Todd Meets Blair for the first time at Rodi’s. Marty pulls a knife out on Todd, who scares her at the hospital in the break room. C.J. & Sarah goes to see Todd alone and Todd brings them back to Llanfair where Tina & David jumps on Todd’s case for being around the children. Marty vents to Kevin about Todd being out of prison. Kevin & Todd face off at Rodi’s. Sheila & Ray start a group therapy session for rapist. Powell fights Todd in Rodi’s after Todd touches Rebecca. Alice meets Todd at the hospital for the first time. Cassie talks Andrew into helping Todd through counseling. Marty tells Alice about Todd and his past. Powell consults with Nora about how he feels about Todd and the past. Todd gets mad at Marty for telling Alice about his past and he tells her to get a life and leave his alone.

Scenes in DVD 2 (Length 2hrs 48min.):

Todd goes to Rodi’s to unwind. He talks and plays pool with R.J. Back at Llanfair, Powell has a bad dream of the rape that took place in 1993 with Marty & Todd. Alice reschedules a dinner date with Todd since she stood him up the last time, they go out and Todd gets upset after seeing Rebecca & Powell out at the Palace together. Todd snaps at Alice and ends their dinner date. Todd’s group therapy session begins at the hospital along with other rapist like Powell & Zach. Todd see’s Dylan with Marty & he warns him about her. Todd & Marty both have nightmares about each other dealing with the past. Day two starts for the 2 nd session of group therapy. Todd leaves a terrible session of group therapy and Alice tries to talk to Todd and lift his spirits. When she leaves him Rebecca comes in and see’s Todd in distress. She comes in and comforts him rapping her arms around him and they talk. Todd confesses his love to Rebecca. Later Powell & Rebecca are on campus at Llanview University. Powell leaves and Todd finds Rebecca and they talk. Todd pulls out the ring his mother gave him and proposes to Rebecca, but she turns him down. Todd gets furious and goes to work at the hospital, where he’s alone ranting and raving about Rebecca and Alice walks in. Todd lashes out at Alice and tries to make her take his ring. When Todd causes the up roar, Sheila comes running in along with a few other staff. Sheila calms everyone down except for Todd and he leaves. Todd goes to Rodi’s gets drunk, and talks to Blair. Alice gets raped while going to her car after her shift and Todd stumbles back into the hospital drunk and Ray sends him home. Sheila & Marty comfort Alice after the rape, Alice fills out a police report with Bo and Marty convinces Alice that Todd raped her. Bo questions Todd about the rape, Todd later finds Alice and tries to go and talk to her, but Marty “protects” Alice from Todd.

   That was a detail description of the 2 DVD’s you will receive if you win this auction or decide to BUY NOW. Both DVD’s have scene selection in them and look wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You