Item Description

Hello OLTL Fans,                        

 This item contains 1 wonderfully edited and created DVD from the 1994 Todd Manning’s Pardon from Statesville Prison leading into the Llanview Hospital Serial Rapist storyline. The collage above has a picture of the DVD and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD.

Scenes in DVD 3 (Length 2hrs 43min.):

Alice is at the Rectory and thinks about the rape, Marty comes in and comforts her. Rays goes to Todd’s place & visits him. Cord tells Rebecca & Powell about Alice’s rape and how Todd is the suspect. Andy & Bo brings Todd in for questioning. Bo doesn’t have enough evidence on Todd and he lets him go. Marty is outraged and forms a campaign to send Todd back to prison. She makes a petition and gets as many people to sign it as she can. She gets just about all of the staff to sign the petition. Todd walks in on Marty’s campaign. She goes to Rebecca to get her to sign it but Rebecca doesn’t. Todd calls his father Peter Manning and he comes to Llanview.  Rebecca runs into Todd in the park and she asks him about what happened the night Alice was raped. Marty runs into Ray at Rodi’s and they exchange some words. Dylan threatens Todd. During the third session of group therapy, Todd tells Powell Rebecca still loves him and Powell charges at Todd. Powell breaks up with Rebecca. Marty ask Peter to sign the petition, while Todd begs him not to, but Peter signs it anyway. Todd tries to get the petition from Marty, but doesn’t. Todd goes out to the parking lot and argues with his dad and Peter has a heart attack. Marty & Powell talk at Rodi’s. Todd snaps on a nurse at the hospital and she was raped next. Todd & Rebecca talk at Llanview U. Bo questions Todd. Bo lets Todd go to Chicago to visits his father.


That was a detail description of the DVD you will receive if you win this auction or decide to BUY NOW. The DVD has scene selection on it and looks wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You