Item Description
Hello OLTL Fans,
This item contains 1 wonderfully edited and created DVD from the December of 1993 storyline   when Todd stalks and terrorizes a blind Nora at the beach house. There are photo's above that I pulled from the DVD.   
Scenes in DVD 1 (Length 2hrs 45min.):
After Todd attacked Powell in the woods, he locates Nora through Rachel. Todd secretly hides out in the back of Rachel's truck as she drives to the beach house. Rachel visits with her mother Nora. There are also scenes with Rebecca and Powell, Kevin talking about Todd being a fugitive and everyone looking for him. Todd stakes out around the beach house. After Rachel leaves, Nora's eyesight begins to fade and walks out on the deck to get some fresh air. Todd attempts to snatch her, until the grocery guy comes. When it gets dark, Nora completely loses her eyesight and Todd sneaks into the house. After Nora realizes Todd is there, he begins to terrorize her. After Bo comes and leaves, he realizes Todd is at the Beach House with Nora and goes to rescue her. Nora stabs Todd and Bo comes in and fights Todd and ties him up, but Todd escapes and goes running back to Rebecca. Its New Years Eve. Rebecca steals medicine from Dorian's penthouse for Todd. After running into Powell, Rebecca leads him to believe she knows where Todd is at. At this time, Todd buys a gun and lures Marty to the Tabernacle. When Marty walks in, Todd grabs her covering her mouth.
That was a detail description of the 1 DVD you will receive when you purchase this item. This DVD has scene selection allowing you to quickly and easily navigate through the DVD. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You