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Heres you chance to own the career of one of the most
recognizable Heavyweights in history. These DVDs have motion menus,
music, chaptered rounds and the best quality that can be sourced
for there age. All fights do come in chronological order as well.
This is the best Marciano set you will find anywhere. Alot of the
footage on these disc is considered very rare. These DVD's come in
paper sleeves. Own this great set today for a very low price. I do
not offer refunds but i will gladly replace any defective disc. All
Orders are processed within 72 hours and then shipped USPS First
class, or Priority mail depending on the size of the order. All
Orders will have a tracking number available upon request. Please
allow a total of 7-10 days for items to reach you. thanks for the
interest and let me know if you have any questions. the complete
list is below.
Rocky Marciano Footage
Marciano vs. Vingo(HL)
Marciano vs. Layne
Marciano vs. Louis
Marciano vs. Savold
Marciano vs. Matthews
Marciano vs. Wallcott I
Marciano vs. Wallcott II
Marciano vs. Lastraza II
Marciano vs. Charles I
Marciano vs. Charles II
Marciano vs. Cockell
Marciano vs. Moore
Ali CPU Fight
Boxing's Best
Rocky Marciano The Brockton Blockbuster
Rocky Marciano Undefeated
Rocky Marciano's Greatest Hits
Sports Century
Rocky Marciano