Item Description
BY purchasing this set you agree you are not a seller who is purchasing this set to create more copies to sell as your own.   THIS SALE IS FOR The COMPLETE SERIES OF ROCKET POWER.  This includes EVERY episode and all of the movies!!!     ALL EPISODES ARE 8.5- 10 out of 10 picture/sound quality (THAT MEANS THIS SET IS HIGH TV QUALITY AND SOME DVD QUALITY EPISODES)   This set includes basic custom menus so you can choose which episode you want to view and all of the episodes + the 4 TV movie are included in this set   ALL EPISODES ARE COMMERCIAL FREE!! THIS SET IS NOT THE SAME SET FLOATING AROUND ON IOFFER.  I MADE THE SET MYSELF   Each DVD is created with source files (avi., mpeg. etc.) to make sure you receive the same quality that it was originally intended to be not a copy of a copy of a copy. This set includes basic custom menus so you can choose which episode you want to view and all episodes plus the movies are included.  ALL EPISODES ARE COMMERCIAL FREE!!   I am NOT here to rip you off.  I understand the problems people have as I have been through many transactions too so don't be afraid to ask questions.  I do not have a problem answering questions like some members and I won't "beat around the bush" and try to lie.  I am here to help the customer not myself. I understand many people are afraid of bad transactions whether it is quality or just not receiving an item and that is what you will not see here.  I am a TV show collector so for many of the shows I am selling I have gone through set upon set until I have been satisfied with the quality.  I am very picky about TV show quality and people just need to realize that some shows may have lower quality but my goal is to at least have TV quality.   I check my email every night so quick responses to questions are always guaranteed. I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS - because people can copy discs and then tell me there is something wrong.  I do offer replacement discs but I prefer that I am notified if a replacement disc is needed at the most 10 days after item is received. DISCS ARE TESTED- Before I send the set, they will be tested on 3 different DVD players, Xbox 360, laptop & computer.  All discs should work and the transaction should run smoothly but if not I will do my best to fix the problem. TYPES OF DVDS USED - I use DVD-R to guarantee that your DVD will work on your DVD player.  My DVDs are all tested (see above) so we should be able to have a smooth transaction. SHIPPING - Shipping is determined before you buy the item.  I AM NOT HERE TO MAKE A FORTUNE ON SHIPPING so I will try to keep shipping costs cheap.  ALL ITEMS THAT ARE SHIPPED INCLUDE A DELIVERY CONFIRMATION NUMBER that will be provided to you so we can make sure the item is delivered (DELIVERY CONFIRMATION IS REQUIRED.)  Insurance and other requests of different types will make shipping more expensive but are still available upon request.  Shipping is an issue many people face throughout transactions.  We want to make sure the discs are safe.    So the box/envelope may weigh more because of multiple materials used to assure safe delivery.  I DO NOT USE DVD DISC ART BECAUSE UNLESS IT IS DIGITALLY INSCRIBED THE DVD MAY NOT PLAY ON YOUR DVD PLAYER.    I ALSO TRADE so feel free to ask because you may have something I want.    I GENERALLY DO NOT TRADE WITH OTHER SELLERS WHO PLAN TO SELL MY PRODUCT.    Any other questions, ask away!    I DO COMBINE SHIPPING WHEN MULTIPLE ITEMS ARE BOUGHT AND AM ALWAYS WILLING TO MAKE A DEAL WHEN MULTIPLE ITEMS ARE PURCHASED!!!   Buying/Selling/Trading on Ioffer should be fun so hopefully we can work something out.