Item Description
AT LAST! Here is some great custom
packaging for any Mego DC Comics superheroes 8-inch action figures!
Just pop your Robin figure into this re-closeable clear plastic
clamshell, and you're ready for display! Comes with custom
high-quality backer card, with great graphics (bold Neal Adams DC
70s art!), that make the figure really shine as the great
collectible it is! Forget the new BLAH Mattel packaging for those
figures and snag one of these! You can even easily re-open and
remove the figure, and just as easily replace the figure and card,
and display again! Can easily be pegged to walls, hung from wall
hooks, or placed on bookshelves! Very dynamic and striking, this
piece is a MUST for any fan of the JUSTICE LEAGUE or TEEN TITANS
characters (from comics or the animated series or films)! Looks
great even with NO figure added! World's greatest superheroes! Text
"watermark" does not appear on the actual product, only on the
auctions for other great original "Mego" items! Please e-mail me
with any questions. Winning bidder pays $5.00 US priority shipping.
Good luck!