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Robert Taylor's Detectives (AKA The Detectives)(AKA Captain of Detectives) starred Robert Taylor as Detective Captain Matt Holbrook, the tough, no-nonsense head of an elite police investigative unit in a major Ostensibly, each man in Holbrook's hand-picked squad of detectives came from a different division. Lt. Johnny Russo (Tige Andrews) was from burglary, Lt. Jim Conway (Lee Farr) came from Homicide and Lt. Otto Lindstrom (Russell Thorson) was from the Bunco Squad. In the series' second season, Farr left the series and was replaced by Mark Goddard(Lost in Space) as Detective Sgt. Chris Ballard. Future star Adam West(Batman)joined the cast during the third season as Sgt. Steve Nelson.The series moved to NBC for its third season and was increased from thirty to sixty minutes. The series was also retitled to Robert Taylor's Detectives. A total of 97 episodes were produced before the series was canceled in 1962. Numerous guests included Angie Dickinson, Donna Douglas, Frank Gorshin, Vera Miles, Pernell Roberts and Inger Stevens.

There are 75 of the 97 episodes produced here on 26 dvds...Quality varies 6.5-8 of 10 which is the best out there for this rare series.