Item Description


Hello OLTL Fans,

This item contains a set of 2 wonderfully edited and created DVD's from the 1988 Patrick London Impersonates Bo Buchanan storyline. The collage above has a picture of the DVD's and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD's.

Scenes in DVD 1 (Length 2hr 38min.):

Lord Henry Leighton, 'Bo' & Elizabeth Sanders are plotting how great it will be to ruin Asa & his family. 'Bo' has his fingure wrapped around Tina and making her believe he loves her. Cord is teaming up with Rob C. to uncover 'Bo' suspcious behavior. The real Bo is locked up in an dungen with his wife Didi and ex-wife Delila. Clint is hospitalized from an explosion at the Banner and Vicki is by his side. Asa is running behind Dr. Brooner saying he's such a great doctor, meanwhile Dr. Brooner is helping out Elizabeth and Lord Leighton by drugging Asa. Renee tries to talk since into Asa, but he doesn't listen. Tina visits Gabrielle on many occasions and complains to her on how 'Bo' is acting.

Scenes in DVD 2 (Length 2hrs 47min.):

Lord Leighton begins to fall in love with Delila and leaves a scarf that Vicki later finds it and gives it to Rafe. 'Bo' takes Didi out of the dungeon and uses her to let everyone think that she is OK. Didi shows up at a party Lord Leighton throws and everyone embraces her and questions her where about. Tina gets jeaouls seeing 'Bo' & Didi together. After the party, Didi is put back into the dungeon and tells Bo & Delila about everyone. Bo manages to switch places with 'Bo' and rounds up Cord & Asa but gets trapped by Lord Leighton and is gassed in a sealed room, but Rafe saves them and head to the dungeon, but only finds Delila, because 'Bo' has kidnapped Didi at gunpoint. Tina comes to the hotel where 'Bo' & Didi are and she tells him that she's pregnant. He ends up tieing her up and takes Didi to a carnival, where Bo catches up and tries to save her. In a intense moment, Didi saves Bo by throwing herself into 'Bo' onto an electical power box shocking her and 'Bo' to death. Didi is rushed to the hospital, where her and Bo remembers their past (with some flashbacks) and she dies. Family & friends are at the hospital too. Didi's funeral with Pamela, Becky Lee and Drew's return. Bo see's Drew for the first time since he's grown and Drew pushed him away.

Both DVD's have scene selection in them and look wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You