Item Description


"Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival " is the immortal classic was drawn by Mr.Zhangzeduan.a famous painter in Northern Song Dynasty,It is the priceless treasure in Chinese Painting history.It is a long papergenre Painting created with a realistic sleight of hand.Painting Length:528.7cm.Width:24.8 Cm.It passes the careful description to show the vulgar life of the city,which has confirmed in Northern Song Dynasty and been redivivus the prosperity scene at ordinary times in Bianjing vividly.The original is now hidden in the Beijing Palace Museum.

"Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival " simulation is made by the "top secret craft" .The simulation is super,same as the original . This map has an international collection Collection Association, has the certification issued in bilingual .

Specifications: length  7m ,height 0.35m
Material: Silk
packing: high-grade
Packing: high-grade of the original wooden box, leather handbag; a certification within the collection, a crystal paperweight, a handkerchief , a magnifying glass,a laser security lights.

payment: paypal.

ship time: 6 days -10days ;ship cost is free .

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