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Here's Brazilian director Fauzi Mansur's rare gore and sex opus Ritual Of Death. My secret passions involving a decapitated goat's head and sex have finally been realized! Hats off to you, Fauzi Mansur!!Go ahead and flip through Mondo Macabro; call a few video stores; scour thousands of eBay auctions. Chances are, you'll still come up with zilch. Such is the degree of obscurity concerning Brazil's Fauzi Mansur. And his uncomfortable films.In 1989, after churning out porn for twenty-plus years, Mansur capped off the smut with filth of a different color. Perhaps, the reasoning behind this abrupt change in direction will never be known. It's really none of our concern. Today, the virtually unknown Ritual Of Death and Satanic Attraction, both directed by Mansur and released by Complete Entertainment in 1990, serve as one of the final bows in mysterious, direct-to-video 1980s sleaze-horror. Subsequently, Coffin Joe's own Brazilian legacy is in little danger of being challenged. That's what really gets my goat.Ritual Of Death attempts to solidify a foundation, but Mr. Mansur is no union man. So, when Brad and friends discover a hairy Egyptian book about Indian rituals, their decision to interpret said rituals as theatrical performance art speaks for itself. Brad gets possessed. Brad kills everyone. Human smoke machines. Disgusting goop 'n' gore. Lots of nudity. People porking in a bloody bathtub with severed goat heads. Everything else is indistinguishable, as each minute pushes the film that much further into puzzling absurdity. Where international perverts such as Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls offer harmless kicks, Ritual plays for keeps. Distasteful and unreasoning, the film cancels out initial charms with its stone-faced presentation of escalating, sex-tinged gore. Granted, the unstable anxiety which the film instills is a great feat for dirt-cheap trash films of any size, shape, or form -- the gore content is through the roof. ships in a plain sleeve w/ no artwork