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We will overcome your limitations. You will be changed.

This is the most advanced & effective seminar/workshop on awareness and then APPLICATION OF:

natural alpha, power, attraction, body language, social dynamics, behavioral dynamics, inner game, seduction, relational NLP, fearlessness & lasting behavioral change so you can finally be yourself but with respect and power in relation to other forces of sex, power and beauty to operate on the level you dream of with women.

If you're ready, you'll FIND a way to get here - you know it.

Those limited few (and there IS a cap) who attend my workshop seminar will get 5X the value out of their investment.

AND they'll get to hang out with 'the sage' himself, ask questions while being in the ideal leveraged growth environment.
This is a life-changing event and will be extremely powerful and overwhelming.

It is much more profound, advanced & clear-cut than my previous seminars 14 months ago (from which you can see testimonials below).

In addition to around 20 hours of the most cutting-edge instruction, There will be multimedia, snacks, A/C, drinks, chilltime & plenty of interaction included.

You'll even be able to see my actual Alpha influences, habits & resources in person.

I plan on having (hot) women involved to some extent & we may go out 'in the field' or just hang out at our own afterparties. I'm not going to avoid you guys (until I finally have to get some sleep!) but we'll socialize after each day's 'work'; (hint:this is when things go to another level with stories, personal experiences, etc.)

What areas will we be covering besides any of your questions?
(There will be a professional delivery with PowerPoint slides, multimedia and dozens or hundreds of examples to go with my lead and the interaction)

-Body Language
-Production & Creation
-Social Dynamics
-Social Influence & Behavioral Conditioning
-Approaching Women
-Sexual Communication
-Intuition & Energy
-Alpha Relational Dynamics
-Female Psychology, Behaviorism & Sexuality
-Cognitive Behavioral Science
-Cognitive Behavioral Psychology
-Power Dynamics
-PUA Power
-Mastering Inner Game
-Behavioral Fearlessness
-Relational NLP Meditation
-Natural Alpha Grounding
-Applying Alpha R.D. for Behavioral Change
-Comfortably Communicating with Hot Women