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He is a former 16X World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time WWE HOF legendary superstar known as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and this shoot interview covers everything you would want to know about this legend. But wait thats not all, the styling and profiling, wheeling and dealing, kiss stealing, limousine riding, son of a gun touches on so many topics from the 80's, 90's and from his lustrous career over the last 5 decades on this very special shoot interview.

This is just one of many more interviews to come with Ric Flair and once we got the Nature Boy talking there was no stopping him. He even looked into our camera and said, "If you want stories you came to the right place." Ric has worked with every name in the wrestling business. He was by far the biggest name in the business for the last few decades and many consider him the greatest worker of all time. He has worked in every major territory and held gold all over the world. His feuds and rivalries in the pro wrestling world will go down in the history books. When you think of Ric Flair you can't help thing of the word legend.

In one of our first of many shoot interviews we start off talking about how he mended fences with the Hulkster Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to go over seas and work on their over see tour in Australia. This leads into his entire run over at TNA and we asked him all of the questions that you would want to know surrounding his status when he was in TNA.

What really happened in Europe during his TNA run when he did not go on the bus, did he really have bar tabs, why he refused to take part in some signings at TNA house show, thoughts on AJ Styles, Beer Money, Samoa Joe, politics in TNA, Working with Hogan and Bischoff and how they buried their heat, was Dixie Carter in over her head, how Kurt Angle is a bad ass, thoughts on Paul Heyman booking TNA, problems he saw in TNA, how he ended up doing the HOF when he was in TNA and why he almost quit TNA over it, working with Sting again and so much more!!!!
RF VIDEO got into the head of the greatest pro wrestler alive today. Who else is going to ask him the toughest questions in this business like for him to rate himself as a worker. What does he say to his critics that have said over the years that it's time for him to step aside and what did he think of the younger workers saying he was on top for to long? What were his thoughts on guys who made millions in the business and don't leave when they should have. Would he like to go into WWE and be with Dolph Ziggler as his mentor on air, Thoughts on the Benoit tragedy, his relationship with HHH outside of the ring, working with HBK and his retirement on Raw and how did he decide to step back into the ring and how did Vince react to it, meetings with Vince and why Vince told Flair that the 80's heel character was dead, his heat with Bret Hart, Owen Harts passing, bar room fights with Road Warrior Hawk and Haku involving a blade in Japan, and so much more.

I can tell you Shane Douglas won't like what the Nature Boy has to say about him. why did he leave ROH, his thought on his children working in the business, stories of being on the road and secrets you never knew before until now about the Brody murder. Did he have heat with Lawler over his run in Memphis in the 80's?

Wait until you see what we have in store for you when the Legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair and team up to bring you a new series of DVD's that will be off the charts!!!! Diamonds are forever and so is the Nature Boy!!!!


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