Item Description
Title : RG Veda
Language : English
Subtitle : None
Episode : 2 complete
Year : 1991

Format : DVD with simple menus/chapters
(No Region - playable on DVD Player/PS2/Computer)

Plot Summary : At the dawn of time, the gods ruled the universe under the leadership of the mighty Tentei. But suddenly, the ferocious general, Taishakuten, appears, and destroys Tentei! Taishakuten declares that a new age has begun, and all who oppose him will die horribly.

But legend says that a shimmering six-pointed star will rise into the heavens and restore the world to a golden age. The six points are six warriors, each with the power to move the stars and the hearts of all people...But now, there are only five: their brave leader Yasha; his companion, the noble child Ashura; the young, impetuous Ryuoh; the wise Karura; and Sohma, skilled in battle.

The devious Taishakuten will not surrender his reign so easily. He plots to undermine the courage of the warriors by leading them into a trap!

Can they live long enough to defeat the evil Taishakuten and restore justice to the universe?