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The Prestige / Folklore Years Volume 3 / Roots and Branches
Prestige Folklore label silver compact disc with booklet
1)  Let Us Get Together  -  Rev. Gary Davis
2)  Twelve Gates To The City  -  Rev. Gary
3)  Maple Leaf Rag  -  Rev. Gary Davis
4)  Bound To Lose  -  The Holy Modal Rounders
5)  Euphoria  -  The Holy Modal Rounders
6)  Crowley Waltz  -  The Holy Modal Rounders
7)  Blues In The Bottle  -  The Holy Modal
8)  St. Louis Tickle  -  Dave Van Ronk
9)  Goodbye Maggie  -  The Lilly Brothers
10)  I'm Coming Back, But I Don't Know When  - 
Harry and Jeanie West
11)  I'd Like To Be Your Shadow In The Moonlight 
-  Harry and Jeanie West
12)  Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes  -  The
Charles River Valley Boys w/Tex Logan
13)  Sally Goodin'  -  The Charles River Valley
Boys w/Tex Logan
14)  Uncle Penn  -  The Charles River Valley Boys
w/Tex Logan
15)  Salty Dog  -  Keith and Rooney
16)  Teardrops In My Eyes  -  Keith and
17)  The Maggie Rag  -  Mitch Greenhill
18)  Blues, Just Blues That's All  -  The True
Endeavor Jug Band
19)  Jug Band Blues  -  The True Endeavor Jug
20)  She's Gone  -  with Artie Traum
21)  High Society  -  The Folk Stringers
22)  I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore 
-  The New Strangers