Item Description
This is a 4 DVD set of the VERY rare 'Return Of Godzilla movie
(a.k.a. as Godzilla 1985). It is an overall EXCELLENT QUALITY set!
This set comes SEALED with DVD case & artwork!

Disc 1 is the U.S. dubbed English language version with Raymond Burr footage.
Includes U.S. trailer. Anamorphic widescreen with stereo sound.

Disc 2 is the RARE uncut Toho International English language version WITHOUT
Raymond Burr & completely different dub from the U.S. version. Includes Bambi
Vs. Godzilla short + kaiju documentary. Movie is in widescreen letterbox format with
mono sound. (Please note that this version derives from tape sources so quality is
a 7 out of 10)

Disc 3 is the original uncut Japanese language/English subtitled version.
Anamorphic widescreen with stereo sound & option for 5.1 Dolby sound.

Disc 4 is rarities, trailers, extras & unreleased footage from Godzilla 1985.


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