Item Description


Resin-x Belt Clear and Conditioner. 9 Oz. (225g)

Made In U.S.A

Resin-X cleaning powder removes fusible interlining residue from Teflon coated surfaces efficiently, reliably, and safely at fusing operating temperatures. Fusing experts around the world choose the economical, environmentally safe and easy-to-use Resin-X cleaning and conditioning powder.

Resin-X cleans and conditions.

  • Resin-X powder creates a clean, slick surface from which debris and residue easily wipes with a soft cloth. This reduces wear and tear on the belts and prevents residue from building up over time. Abrasive scrubbing materials will reduce the life of your belts and aggravate residue build up by creating a rough surface to which residue sticks easily
  • Resin-X reduces the sticky interlining residue that causes fusing machines to jam and eliminates potential residue stains on the fabric surface
  • The conditioning effects of Resin-X are long-lasting

Resin-X is safe.

  • Resin-X is totally non-abrasive. It instantly becomes a clear liquid upon contact with any Teflon coated fusing surface at operating temperature
  • Resin-X is produces no hazardous fumes. Some chemical cleaning solvents emit highly toxic fumes, which are hazardous to both the machine operator as well as the fusing machine itself, causing corrosion and rust
  • Resin-X is silicon-free. Fusing machine manufacturers warn against cleaning solutions containing silicon because they may damage the silicon rubber-coated rollers in most fusing machines

Resin-X is economical.

  • The long-lasting conditioning effects of Resin-X extend the life of Teflon belts
  • Fast-acting Resin-X reduces cleaning time
  • Prevent costly damage to fabric face from dirty fusing belts
  • Enjoy increased production without the distraction of machine jams and unnecessary sticking
  • Resin-X is the least expensive powder cleaner available

How to Use Resin-X

Resin-X is safe to use at fusing operating temperatures-no need to wait while the machine cools down. Apply Resin-X cleaning powder to the Teflon surfaces and watch it melt instantly. Resin-X loosens residue and wipes off easily.