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ANY Replica Super Bowl trophy for any NFL team. Even do "pretend" Super Bowls for that one that just didn't go your way. Or have custom trophy for your FANTASY football team. Custom engravings are allowed and included for free. Shipping is included (ground) and will require signature. If you want expedited shipping you can add it to the cost.

Trophy stands 20.5'' tall! Weighs 8 lbs and is made of high quality metals only. These metals do much better in the manufacturing process than resin. Resin is what the other "replica" trophies are using. It's a bad metal and leaves sand holes. Other members who offer similar products are not offering fair prices and are not willing to accept best offers. Why waste your time with them?

Perfect addition to your man cave, especially if your team has multiple super bowls. Will offer discounts on multiple trophies!

Just updated with our New BALL ANGLE AND NEW LACES. Google the Vince Lombardi Trophy.... look at its angle. Then look at my angle and look at my competitors angle. You want the real thing. And mine looks closest to the real thing bar none!
After purchase you'll have to let me know what Super Bowl you want and if any custom engravings are needed. Please feel free to ask any questions.