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A filmmaker has to deal with obnoxious producers,
uncooperative weather, and a troublesome cast -- not all of whom
have opposable thumbs -- in this satiric comedy-drama. Rosta
(Boleslav Polivka) is a director whose latest project is an
ambitious film that draws parallels between the lives of humans and
animals, and as illustration he's cast the members of a local
nudist colony, who are to interact naked with a group of apes.
However, the cold weather doesn't do much for the esprit de corps
of his human cast, while the primates predictably refuse to take
direction. Meanwhile, Rosta's backers are demanding more comic
relief, the screenwriter argues for a more emotional approach, and
Rosta's family shows up unannounced, getting in the way despite
their best intentions. Vyhnani z Raje was directed by veteran
filmmaker Vera Chytilova and was screened at the 2001 Karlovy Vary
Film Festival in the Czech Republic.
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Runtime: 120 minutes
Rating: Unrated
Format: Letter Box
Color: Yes
Language: Czechoslovakian
Subtitles: None
Video Quality: DVD - DVD Excellent