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During the Spanish Civil War young boy named Fando
is forced to watch as Garcia Lorca is executed by a taunting
Fascist firing squad. He keeps asking his mother what happened to
his father, and eventually learns that his mother betrayed him to
the Franco government because of his unspoken leftist ideas. Fando
imagines bizarre scenarios where his father is tortured and
mutilated. Many of his visions present his mother as a monster who
gouges out his father's eyes, or makes love to his captors in front
of him,in addition to other gruesome and scatological horrors.
Fando also shows signs of sexual interest in his libidinous aunt
Clara and a neighbor girl, Thérèse, as he lives a
miserable existence acting out the cruelty of his mother with small
cruelties of his own.
Runtime: 87 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Format: Widescreen

Color: NTSC Color

Language:  French

Subtitles: English

Video Quality: