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Threatened with recapture after a prison escape,
Martin Stechert grabs a 12-year-old as hostage. He proves to be
named Martin, too - a quiet "good little boy" always obeying the
rules, whom life has given only dismal loneliness and frustration
in return. Soon he begins to admire "Stech" for his cheeky pranks
against society and his desperate mission to make dreams come true.
In a climactic moment, he chooses to stay with the man even though
he could run away. Via hijacks and hijinx, they flee to the idyllic
peace of the older Martin's childhood home, a cabin on a lake. But
the police are close behind, impatient and trigger-happy.
Runtime: 98 minutes

Rating: Unrated

Format: Full Screen

Color: NTSC Color

Language: English

Subtitles: None

Video Quality: GOOD
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other flaws in the video and audio. Reasons for this can be many;
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transfer process and/or the age of the film. Titles in this
category still are genuine DVD's and carry their minimum
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