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This jarring wartime drama set in Budapest is adapted from a novel of the same name by Imre Keszi which was, in turn, based on a true story. At center stage is a Jewish family permitted to continue living in their apartment during the war so long as they identify themselves as Jews when they are out on the street (by wearing the yellow star). One day their son is picked up and sent to a deportation camp for children. The camp, the Elysium, appears deceptively civilized because of the cultural interests of its personnel -- except that the children are being used for medical experiments. The distraught parents soon discover that their "friends" are afraid to help them, that they are not really considered to be Hungarians, and that all their learning cannot move the mountains that block access to their son.

* Runtime: 118 MIN
* Rating: Unrated
* Format: Full Screen
* Color: Yes
* Language: Russian
* Subtitles: None
* Video Quality: VHS - DVD, Good