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A boy in his early teens develops a crush on a grown
woman old enough to be his mother, only to discover she is also
attracted to him, in this controversial drama from France. Marion
(Emmanuelle Bercot) is a headstrong and free-spirited woman in her
early thirties who heads to the seacoast for a short vacation that
coincides with the 13th birthday of her godson Benoit (Kevin
Goffette). Benoit and his friends are just old enough to be
enthralled with any conversation involving sex, and Marion humors
them by joining in their talks on the beach about the mysteries of
women. Marion soon gets to know one of Benoit's friends, Clement
(Olivier Gueritee), and the interest between them becomes more than
just friendly; some good-natured horseplay stirs a desire between
them, and after the two share a kiss on the beach, Clement is
obsessed with Marion. While she's unsure about starting a
relationship with a boy less than half her age, Marion can't deny
her feelings for Clement, and before long she and the youngster are
lovers. One night, Clement appears at Marion's doorstep, announcing
he's run away from home and wants to move in with her; Marion isn't
sure what to tell the boy, knowing the foolishness of such a move
even though she does love him, and soon Clement is crestfallen,
certain that Marion no longer cares for him.