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Czech children's film is a loose continuation of a decade
earlier film Captain Korda.

Then a little hero, Joe Janousek, inmate orphanage, lived the
bitter moments of grief about how his mother is indifferent, but
experienced first happy moments between people who loved him as his

So now Joe is living happily with their adoptive parents,
experiences at home and at school the usual boyish joys, sorrows
and adventures.

Reversal occurs when he learns that the mother will have a

He fears losing the love of his new parents, and were it not only
strengthens behavior grandmother, but also what he sees in his
friends' families.

That this fear is unnecessary, his parents are trying to prove a
sensible approach and show him his place in the family is

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* Runtime: 80 minutes
* Rating: Unrated
* Color: Yes
* Language : Czechoslovakian
* Subtitles: None
* Video Quality: VHS - DVD, Good