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This French family film is filled with action, animals,
adventure, and suspense. The story is told from a child's
viewpoint. One day, while playing in his secret tree house in the
forest, 11-year old Antoine spies upon bank robbers stashing
40-million francs worth of loot. One of the robbers is the father
of his newest best friend Lisa, a 10-year old Canadian visitor. Not
wanting to rat on her father, Antoine instead moves the money to a
different spot. Neither he, nor Lisa have a lot of respect for
their frequently absent fathers. They find adults to be inherently
hypocritical. Both kids do share a love of animals though.
Together, they decide to run away to Biarritz, a resort town, and
start spending a little money. The thieves are livid when they
discover their stash is missing, particularly Max, and they try,
unsuccessfully to catch the kids. Antoine is assisted by his
muscular governess Clemence as he and Lisa suffer through numerous
narrow escapes while spending their ill-gotten gain.
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    * Runtime: 90 minutes
    * Rating:  Unrated
    * Format: Full Screen
    * Color: Yes
    * Language: French
    * Subtitles: None
    * Video Quality: DVD - DVD, Excellent