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To appreciate Salvatore Mereu's handsome, slowly
unfolding film, set in contemporary Sardinia, be prepared for a
movie that plunks you into a rural, primitive environment with a
much slower metabolism than the nerve-jangling world of instant
communications. Jets may roar overhead, and glamorous international
nomads take the sun at a beachfront resort. But over most of the
Sardinia's beautiful, rugged landscape, life goes on pretty much as
it always has, and most the characters seem barely cognizant of
creeping globalization. Consisting of four, loosely connected
vignettes, each set in a different season, "Three Step Dancing"
parachutes you in to this world and demands that you to fend for
yourself. At its most absorbing, the movie has the pace and
patient, nonjudgmental gaze of a Taviani Brothers epic that slows
time and observes the procession of life without comment.
* Runtime: 107 minutes
* Rating: Unrated
* Format: Anamorphic Widescreen
* Color: Yes
* Language: Italian
* Subtitles: English / French / German
* Video Quality: DVD, EXCELLENT