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Item #: B-29 List price: $249.99 Make an offer B-29 Superfortress Remote-controlled AirplaneAll items in this page will ship to the USA only (48 internal states only).QUANTITY IN STOCKItems listed in this section of the website have fluctuating quantity in stock. Although most items will be available and shipped on time, we cannot offer full guarantee since these products are often sold in large lots to retail businesses.Also, please note that we will not accept returns for Cell Phones, Ipods and Printers. If your item is defective, please contact the manufacturer. All sales for these items are final. Click here to supersize (Weight: 21 lbs) Fly your very own B-29 Superfortress. Remote-controlled replica of the famed bomber has giant wingspan and four independent engines.Calling all sky captains! Experience the thrill of piloting the world's first long-range bomber. The most technologically advanced WWII bomber can now be flown by remote control for hundreds less than other models. The moment you see those massive wings lift into the air, you'll feel a rush of adrenaline like no other. The Bomber's 3.5-foot wingspan gives significant lift and stability control -- an assist to novice flyers taking to the air for the first time. But make no mistake, this is an advanced aircraft capable of giving even expert RC pilots hours of non-stop fun. Like the real Superfortress, four independent engines keep it aloft -- a rarity in the world of radio-controlled aircraft. Just make sure you fly it in a wide open space like a school yard or park. With a range of nearly two football fields, you'll have plenty of opportunities to ride the skies.Remote-controlled replica of famed bomberGiant 3.5 ft. wingspan gives impressive lift and stability control4 independent enginesRange of nearly 2 football fields (200 yards)Aircraft requires 650mAh Ni-Mh battery group (included).Remote control requires 8 AAA batteries or 9.6Vrechargeable battery pack (not included).Measures: 42\" x 27\"