Item Description
This multi-pump pneumatic rifle shoots either BBs or pellets. The Remington AirMaster 77 is dressed in a black matte synthetic stock and forearm with a black metal receiver and brushed nickel barrel. The grip and forearm have checkering for a sure grasp.The fiberoptic front sight and the completely adjustable rear sight make it easy to acquire your target. Speaking of targets, you'll have plenty of them! This rifle flings lead pellets at a whopping 725 fps (755 with BBs). You can vary the power of the rifle, depending on the distance of your target. Ten pumps is the maximum you can put into the AirMaster 77, but that's plenty! Pellets are loaded one at a time. BBs are loaded into a reservoir that holds 200 BBs. Through gravity, you move the BBs into the magazine, which holds 17. (Never shoot steel BBs at metal objects!)