Item Description
   FOR SALE:COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP INSTURCTION ON HOW TO RECONDITION LIFE-LESS " LEAD ACID" BATTERIES. DELIVERED VIA E~MAIL.   Poor Performing Batteries???No Power? Long Charge time? Short Running time??STOP!!!!! WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!!!!DO NOT SPEND $700 on New Batteries!WE Have the solution that can refurbish your golf cart battery!Works 80-90% of the time !!!WORKS ON ALL LEAD ACID BATTERIES BUT ESPECIALLY EFFECTIVE ON THE MOST POPULAR GOLF CART BATTERY SOLD - TROJANS!!Does it work 100% of the time? Simple answer is NO.But it is definately worth a try. It does work most of the time & most have save hundreads with this info.Will not work on Dry or Gel batteries....Frozen batteries or batteries that have a dead cell....but if you do not have these three issues you have an awsome chance this will correct your golf cart battery problems!!!!Just measure the voltage of your battery. If it measures between 10-12 volts, you should be able to recondition it with my easy intructions & a few common household chemicals.