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To save his besieged Abbey, a young mouse novice must learn of his destiny to be the successor to a great
Redwall is based on the Redwall novels by Brian Jacques. The series currently spans three seasons, the first
based on the first book Redwall, the second on Mattimeo and the third on Martin the Warrior.

The complete Redwall collection of 39 episodes on 6 DVD + R disks with DVD case & case artwork with an Excellant 9 out of 10 video quality.All disks have menu's,play all function and episode selection.
Item is supplied on a DVD R disks that is will play compatible with most any playing devices.

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Info:This series has not been released to DVD in the USA, item is high quality home recordings and and is sold on a collector to collector basis.


1:Cluny the Scourge Part 1
2:Cluny the Scourge Part 2
4:Sparra's Kingdom
5:Cluny's Clowns
6:High Standards
7:Captain Snow
8:Battle Plans
9:The Visitor
10:A Favour Returned
13:The Final Conflict

Season 2

1:Slagar the Slayer
2:The Magician Revealed
3:Where the Little Folk Go
4:Found...and Lost
5:To Be a Warrior
7:Peril in the Toplands
8:Feathered Friends and Foes
9:The Abyss
13:Return to Redwall

Season 3

2:Return of the Clog
3:Escape From Marshank
4:New Partners and Old Friends
5:The Play's the Thing
6:Freedom and Monsters
7:The Great Escapes
8:From Marsh to Mountain Heights
9:Heroes and Fools
10:Tunnel Vision
11:Felldoh's Revenge
12:Battlefield Marshank
13:Rose of Noonvale